What makes a place like Game Trader special is the care they offer to their customers, conversing about games, offering special deals for purchasing multiple used games, and throwing great launch-day parties on launch day for new games.

— Tucson Weekly


“They know what they're talking about.”

One of the last local game stores in Tucson, Gametrader is a home away from home. The warm, welcoming atmosphere is enough to make you WANT to buy something and, believe it or not, everyone that works there is a gamer, so they know what they're talking about...

— R.G.

“Always helpful.”

Great place great people. They repaired my console quickly and inexpensively (helluva lot cheaper than the new one they could have sold me). Always helpful with an amazing selection of new and used games.

— B.S.


“Great selection.”

If you are a real gamer and haven't been here before it will be like walking into a dream! They carry so many things other game stores do not. And believe me everything comes through here sometime or another!

— P.N.

“Fixed it.”

So fired up the Xbox and the dreaded red ring of DEATH appeared. Took it into Game Trader and they immediately ran some tests and Fixed it. Turns out the power cable died. So glad it was such an EASY fix.

— M.B.

Game Trader, Loved by Gamers